Osama is dead, huh? I’ll believe it when I see his birth certificate.

Did you know the current inflation rate is 2.7%? Either our lungs are getting bigger or balloons are getting smaller.

I don’t believe in racial profiling, but if you are walking down the street and see black ice approaching, cross to the other side. Be safe.

Pack your suitcases & bring out your coupon book http://fb.me/Y8NUoRDb

You know you’re Irish when…you go north for spring break and you still get sun burned.

This sketch is funny. The cooties are not. http://fb.me/WdskmyaA

Ipad2 to be unveiled next week. Crossing our fingers for a Marty McFly Hover board App.

Scottish Deerhound wins Westminster Dog Show. In other news: Irish “Beerhound” too hung over to compete.

How do vegetarians meet people? Do they veg them?

Oversized glasses, tight pants, ironic suspenders…pretty sure the first hipster was Steve Urkel…